Q: Why am I being asked to sign in to use XIV-Hunt?
A: You are required to prove ownership, via The Lodestone, of the character your are reporting from, and thus you need a registered account to use XIV-Hunt.

Q: Does XIV-Hunt client utilize memory-scanning?
A: Yes. XIV-Hunt scans the memory of a FFXIV game process, to determine which character and monster entities are loaded. It also checks which world and instance the user is currently on. Additionaly, if you have chosen to have reports appear in your chat-box, XIV-Hunt will directly write the message to the memory of the FFXIV game process.

Q: Is there a ticket system for bug reports?
A: You can send me an email or contact me on Discord.

Q: Does XIV-Hunt work with the Korean or Chinese version of FFXIV?
A: Lack of time and reliable access to Korean account makes it difficult to maintain compatibility between XIV-Hunt and the Korean and Chinese versions of Final Fantasy XIV.

Q: Can I share a link, to someone, that takes them directly to the XIV-Hunt site for a specific world?
A: Yes. You can do so by adding the world name at the end of https://xivhunt.net/
For example: https://xivhunt.net/Balmung will take you to the XIV-Hunt site for Balmung

Q: What channel or log type do messages from XIV-Hunt go to?
A: By default, messages from XIV-Hunt are added to the Echo channel. There is an option to change this to any other channel; results may vary.

Q: Why did XIV-Hunt report a hunt so late that I could not reach it before it was dead?
A: XIV-Hunt relies on connected hunters, other XIV-Hunt users, on the same world and datacenter as you, and each of them has the range roughly the size of the zoomed-out mini-map/compass for A and B ranks. The range is usually the whole zone for S ranks and FATEs.
If you got a late report, that means that someone else with XIV-Hunt did not reach within range of the hunt until then.
XIV-Hunt only knows as much as the crowd of its users.