With the XIV-Hunt client you can get hunt-reports, including clickable position links, directly in your in-game chat box.
Run the XIV-Hunt client, choose which ranks you would like to get reports for, and leave it running in the background.
Even if you are not hunting at a particular moment, running XIV-Hunt in the background will help other hunters on your world and datacenter.


Screenshot of the client. Checkboxes to check if you want reported hunts to appear in your in-game chatbox
Example of a reported hunt in the in-game chatbox
Example of a kill report in the in-game chatbox
Provided that the positions are available on XIVDB, you can also get positions for most A Realm Reborn (2.0), Heavensward (3.0) enemies, and Stormblood Clan Mark bills, by typing /hunt name in your chat.
This may be restored sometime.
Example of a /hunt monster-name response

Available commands

/hunt <hunt name>
/hunt Mindflayer
Returns the latest known information about the hunt.
/hunt <zone name> <hunt rank>
/hunt Yanxia A
Returns the latest known information about the hunts with the specified rank in the specified zone.
/hunt <monster name>
/hunt Inland Tursus
Queries XIVDB for monster and returns a link to a random spawn point.
/hunt <FATE name>
/hunt A Horse Outside
Returns the latest known information about the FATE.
/hunt <item name>
/hunt Table Salt
Returns a link to the item. Optionally append HQ if you want a link to the high-quality version.
/flag <zone name> <coordinate>
/flag 12 , 32.1
Returns a link/flag to the provided coordinates in the provided zone, or in your current zone if zone name is not provided or recognised.
/perform <track name>
/perform Victory
Looks for a file, in the directory specified in settings, with the provided name and either a .txt or .mml extension and, if found, attempts to perform it.
Stops performing the currently performing track


Warning! XIV-Hunt violates the FINAL FANTASY® XIV User Agreement. Square Enix may temporarily and permanently suspend your service account, if Square Enix knows you are using, or advertising, any 3rd party program. Always keep plausible deniability, and do not mention it in-game.
Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2